Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Residential Cable Pathways and Conduit

Hello world. Sorry it's been a while. I got a job at Google and moved to California therefore my posting frequency had gone down for a bit. It's a mix of being very busy and general NDAness of working at Google. 

Riser between garage and attic
I'm adding a home security system as well as adding wired network to several locations in my new home in San Jose. After having some very weird and un-reusable pathways in my last house, I decided to implement some best practices for wiring by installing actual conduit to my wiring closet (office closet). I found a great space between my garage and the attic that allows the venting of the water heater and furnace as well as the main ductwork for the upper floor. It also shares a wall with the office closet which is an ideal location for network switches and the alarm system. My hope is that this will allow me to pull future cable with a pull-string through the conduit instead of drilling more holes or ripping apart the drywall for another pathway.