Thursday, January 13, 2005

Smartphone CAB Creation

Found this little tidbit here. I've been playing around with the CabwizSP.exe and the .inf file for the whole night. Some quick points to note:

  1. The Build Cab File button in VS.NET is not working for Smartphone development coz it's pointing to Cabwiz.exe but we have to use CabwizSP.exe instead.

  2. Although it's not working, we can still press the button coz it'll help us the generate BuildCab.bat and AppName_SMP.inf

  3. Manually change BuildCab.bat so that it points to "C:Program FilesWindows CE Toolswce420SMARTPHONE 2003Toolscabwizsp.exe".

  4. Manually amend the .inf file and cut away all the ARMV4 and X86 sections, and amend the shortcuts as we like.

  5. Run BuildCab.bat from command line, it'll generate 2 .cab files in the cabdebug directory. I just chose one of them and ftp to my server.

  6. On a Smartphone or Smartphone emulator, use IE to access the cab file on the web server. It'll start downloading and install the app.

  7. We can remove the app using the Remove Program option in the Start Menu.

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