Monday, March 7, 2005

Systray icons here to stay

For almost a year now, I have been having problems with my system tray icons disappearing intermittently after startup. I assumed one of the 30 or so startup applications was crashing dropping the explorer process and therefore, only the following tray icons were appearing. I finally had some free time and was in the process of looking for a program to debug the startup process when I hit an interesting link. Apparently, this is a more common issue than I thought, so common that there is a fix called the Ostuni Workaround detailing that disabling the UPnP subsystem will fix the problem. I couldn't really believe that one thing had to do with another but after following the directions and a quick reboot, the problem went away. 5 reboots later, still no problem. I don't have to wait an hour to login or do any other voodoo to get this working. As a nice side benefit, I noticed that the system appears to be running faster. Network browsing is quicker and no longer hangs showing UNC and description of My Network Places. Absolutely great!

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