Monday, January 7, 2008

Hello again!

I took down my old server a while ago and it took bblog with it. I archived my blog entries and will get them copied over here soon. I also have a few entries to write and will get the categories more organized as I go.

For new comers who haven't read my stuff before, welcome. I am a technology and gadget addict with a 20+ year background in computers and networking. I have been developing in VB.NET officially for about 5 years and dabbled in automation languages (Perl, PHP, vbscript, etc.) previous to that. I have served several tours of duty on various help desks and even a telephone support role for a PC Manufacturer. I am now the network manager for a local school district and enjoying the change of pace from technical to managerial. I have several articles published with Novel Cool Solutions and love to write technical reviews and walkthroughs. I am an avid Linux user for solutions like MythTV, Asterisk and other appliance type solutions. I am also experienced in Windows since 3.11 and have 3 Windows 2003 Servers as well. I run hosted Exchange 2003 for a few clients as well as web sites. For the last several years I have been the director of product development for an unstructured text analytics start-up. After losing funding in that venture I was filling the days doing private consulting on a variety of support and implementation roles as well as some custom data portal development in the telecom damage recovery area for data collection. I also did several SharePoint implementations and continue to support the efforts of the start-up.

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