Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mac Me Baby! Day 7

I am officially up and running on this (hopefully) long and fruitful journey with my Mac. I am currently installing the Codex application developer tools on my system so I can use make. I needed it today to compile dhcpd and couldn't believe it wasn't already there. A little search through my original box and there was the original install disc.

I have had some minor problems with Virtual Box. The newest one is that I can't save new documents to the shared directory between my mac and Win7 image. It seems to be common and I will look into it later.

I had to take a screenshot. Shift-Command-3 takes a full screenshot and puts it on your desktop, Shift-Command-4 lets you select a region and does the same. I miss putting it in clipboard a bit but it's a minor issue.

If you are contemplating making the switch, go for it. I can say the water is safe and you won't be stranded. If you have made the switch. I hope that last 7-days of my experience helped you. Please feel free to comment and post feedback and I will grow these articles to hopefully be a resource for others.

Happy Mac-ing!

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