Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Loving the MPx220

I didn't know what kind of impact having my Outlook Syncronized calendar and contacts was going to be. I already have it on my Palm M505 but it is amazing how much more convenient it is on my phone. Most times, my Palm (the case I use is my wallet) sits in my jacket pocket. I was coding away today when my phone vibrated on my hip, I checked it and it told me it was time to pick up the kids from school, now how handy is that!
I installed a few games on it and have been especially enjoying Worms World Party. The 7 or so MP3's that I put on it are great when I am cleaning around the house. I do need to get the stereo headsetavailable from Motorola before I wear the speakerphone speaker completely out. Still no problems, I have every intent on exchanging it for an orange/black dot unit as soon as Best Buy gets them in. Until then, I haven't found any issues with the current model other than the annoying lines in pictures when bluetooth is on. I am still in search of a decent bluetooth adapter but that is only a matter of getting out of the house long enough to hit MicroCenter and then Best Buy for the exchange.

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