Friday, October 9, 2009

Mac Me Baby! Day 2

Man have I been busy with this new Mac. I figured out how to turn on tap to click and the trackpad is now my best friend. I adapted to it's functions so quickly that the trackpad on my Dell is now a joke as far as functionality.

I ended up installing Sun Virtual Box, installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and got Microsoft Outlook up and running. That has always been my crutch and deal-breaker, I am an Outlook addict and it drives all of my daily activities. I have OpenOffice installed on the Mac side of things though and will do my best to stick with it for my daily office-esqe stuff.

The biggest thing I have noticed is that there is a lot more to OS X than just the OS. StuffIt is a very complete compression program, I don't need DaemonTools for iso mounting (honestly, it should be part of the OS). Still running with no antivirus and haven't been worried yet. The oddest part is the lack of a hard drive light. My windows machines would freeze from time to time and the hard drive light would quickly indicate why. Since there haven't been any OS freezes, I haven't needed to check.

I am very, very pleased with Virtual Box. I will eventually give VMWare fusion a try but with Seamless Mode enabled, it just so naturally part of the environment that I haven't been found wanting.

I found an article on installing FastScripts so I could have a quick shortcut to the terminal. My job requires quite a bit of SSH and instead of needing Putty, terminal does a great job with built in SSH. I had it down to a single keystroke in Windows and don't feel like giving up on that.

Day 2 has been almost all building and not yet a lot of playing. I hope to get to productivity (ok, maybe a little entertainment) sometime tomorrow. Until then, this was a very pleasant conversion.

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