Sunday, July 28, 2013

Assembling a wireless car charger

While it didn't make sense for me personally to use a wireless charger in the car, it may work for you. Here's how I made one out of all Samsung accessories without any soldiering skills.

Parts List

  • Samsung Galaxy Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount

  • Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

  • Wireless Charging Cover (depending on your phone)

  • Hot glue gun

  • Flosser or other make-shift plastic separating tool

  • Small screwdriver (philips)


  1. Remove the bottom rubber cover from the wireless charging pad and remove the 6 screws

  2. Using a small plastic prying tool (those little flossers work nicely), run the tool between the two halves of the charger until you see each of the plastic latches release (take your time with this step). The charger will separate.

  3. Remove the 7 screws connecting the circuit board and coil to the base of the charger and remove the charging unit

  4. Warm the metal plate (silver) stuck to the ferrite pad backing the charging coil and carefully remove the plate. (the ferrite breaks easily so be careful)

  5. Warm the rubber pad on the front of the car mount (I left mine on the dash for the day in the hot sun), then peel it off slowly.

  6. Using the hot glue gun, attach the back of the ferrite pad to the plastic surface of the car mount so that the micro-usb port pokes through the bottom of the mount (coil facing out).

  7. Stick the rubber pad removed earlier to the front of the circuit board and coil so that it covers both.

  8. Connect the USB adapter that came with the car mount to the wireless charger.

That's it! You could, of course, further customize this solution but it works quite well. I originally intended on embedding the charger inside the car mount but found out that it's full of the gears that allow the ratcheting mechanism. At the advice of my colleges, I just stuck it to the surface and saved hours of dremmeling.

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