Monday, January 7, 2008

Beware Laplink PCMover

One of my clients received a copy of Laplink PCMover with her new laptop. Not only did it not successully transfer Quickbooks as it claims to, it transferred Microsoft ActiveSync (not Vista compatible), Windows Installer, Windows System Restore and more that corrupted the Vista install beyond repair. To Laplinks shame credit, they did put a warning window in the wizard suggesting that you need to know what you are moving before the process begins. The average users just clicks the checkbox and moves on in anticipation of all of their applications being transferred to their shiney new PC. Laplink support suggested I could undo the errant program migration but it was an all or nothing deal, I couldn't select just the programs that were migrated that caused problems. Laplink PCMover ended up costing 4-days of problems when we could have moved data and reinstalled programs in about 6-hours.

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