Monday, January 7, 2008

Remote Assistance with GoToAssist

I work with a lot of clients and remote assistance is a huge time saver. For the last few years I was piggy backing on our GoToMeeting account to do remote support. Unfortunately I am unable to click or type (or even take mouse control) on anything that triggers Vista's User Access Control. Later that day on a conference call with my cusotmer and Dell, I asked them how they were able to get around the restriction. They are using GoToAssist. I checked out their web site and they have a beta program for consultants like me who really can't afford to maintain an account full time but are happy to debug and provide feedback. Check out for more information about the program. Not only does it allow you to support users on Vista, it also allows file transfer, reconnect on reboot and dozens of other features that make remote support a breeze.

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