Monday, December 27, 2004

AT&T Came Through

I was not suprised to see a package on my doorstep on Christmas Eve with all of the last minute presents coming through but I when I saw the label I was amazed. FexEx overnight from AT&T. Here it was, the MTA I begged for but was told I couldn't have. I took it out of the box quickly noticing the prepaid UPS return label and plugged it in down stairs. After restoring the config and re-registering it with Callvantage, a quick ring-back confirmed it was up. I picked up the receiver and dialed, it rang, no whine. There is still a slight hiss like a data connection noise in the background but much more acceptable. I am pleased to now officially have successfully transferred from Vonage to AT&T. It only took 2 months, about 35 phone calls and at least 1" of my hairline to complete.

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