Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cancelled Vonage

Qwest arrived on time today to setup the phone line. I told them that it had already been done since I am handy with telcom wiring but he wanted to connect his Harris tester up and make sure the link was good. We chatted about Vonage and I told him about the hell I went through with them. He laughed and had heard it before. I guess sometimes newer technology isn't necessarily better. My DirectTiVo is about as happy as could be, it can finally dial up after being out-of-communication with the mothership (DirectTV) for almost 4 months now. I am looking forward to being able to send faxes as well.

I called up Vonage and requested the line be cancelled, I was glad to finally get to call customer service instead of technical support because the hold times are alot better. Suprise, suprise, I was transferred to tech support because the number I was cancelling was the "primary" on the box and the MTA would need to be reprogrammed. I can't wait to see what they do next.

Luckily everything seems to be moving along with AT&T, they are sending me assuring emails that my transfer is on target for 12/23 and the MTA is in the mail. I am looking forward to calling Vonage and just cancelling the whole deal.

Wish me luck!

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