Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Callvantage Tech Support - Miserable

Nick was kind enough to come over and bring his Callvantage TA box over for testing to make sure the whining noise went away and sure enough, it did! Now we have isolated the problem as a defective TA. I called Callvantage to tell them the good news and they said that they want him to bring it back and connect it up and call in so they can hear the difference. Are you kidding me? They don't believe me and must think that I just want an extra TA or something. My call was actually answered in 6 minutes this time but took 30 minutes of instant messaging between the tier 1 support person and the escalations departmet to determine that my diagnosis wasn't good enough for them to ship a new adapter. I must now wait until my ticket is worked in the queue before I will get this resolved. 48-hours left until porting is complete. Maybe I should cancel before then. We will see.

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