Thursday, July 25, 2013

Galaxy S4

True to my word I bought the Galaxy S4 the week I got back from vacation. It's simply awesome. It took a little while to get used to the larger device size but I picked up an iPhone 5 the other day and wondered how I ever squinted at that tiny little screen. I picked up an iPhone 4 and actually gave a full "ha!" out loud. I am just floored by all of the features and options with this phone. My only disappointment initially was that their isn't a stable version of Cyanogenmod out there for GS4 (SPHD-720) yet. The good part is, I really got to have some hands on experience with TouchWiz and it has come a long way since I used the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. I would have missed out on the amazing camera software in TouchWiz not to mention some of the really fun features . My Bluetooth is working much better now. It turned out that it was Waze that was intercepting the pause/play controls.

I went whole-hog on the wireless charging and purchased a Tylt Vu, Samsung Galaxy S4 charging kit and the Samsung Universal Car Mount. My plan is to integrate the charging kit into the car mount with some mad dremmel skills. I'm hoping I'll be able to connect the car mount to my proclip like I was able to with the Samsung Infuse car mount I was using for the GS3. I'll post when I get it done.

I also picked up 2 packs of TecTiles 2 in my order to give those a try. I installed NFC Task Launcher and created a 4 minute timer for my french press process. I simply set my GS4 on top of the coffee grinding after I've ground the beans and it starts the 4 minute brew timer before I plunge and pour the coffee.


  1. Good reviews in general Jim, but I still fall back to the need to root your phone for functionality. I'm still rocking the iphone 5, but it does feel about aged; and iOS 7 doesn't have me all that excited. Needless to say, Android is drawing my interest more than ever.

    -Tim O

  2. I like that there are multiple levels of trade-off for customizing vs security in Android. Most users start by allowing unknown sources (now we're beyond the Apple app store), next comes rooting to allow programs to perform OS level functions (automatically lock/unlock, enable/disable GPS, etc) and finally, custom ROMs for complete control over the OS implementation.

    I would say give it a 14-day trial (or whatever your carrier allows) and see what you think. It's hard to know until you've had it. I just lucked out and was able to try it risk free.