Friday, December 17, 2004

29th Birthday Party with New Hermit Crabs!

I had a great birthday party tonight at On The Border and am completely stuffed and gifted. I got lots of great stuff including a Plantronics USB headset for all my Skype needs. The Return of the King extended edition which I can't wait to watch. The new Leisure Suit Larry ;). An Einstein Bros. gift card (my fav breakfast and lunch place). A gift cert to Amazon so I can pick up some much needed stuff. A gift cert to Target so I can get some much needed housewares. My favorite gift of the night was from Melissa though. She got me a pair of hermit crabs to replace the one I lost a few months back. I have a monstrous habitat and can't wait to populate it tommorow with them. They are both fresh water crabs and the big ones name is Bob and the little one with the red shell is Happy. Bob seems to like tortillas and chips. Happy seems a little more quiet and after a tour around our table, he has decided to take it easy and watch Bob mess up the cage. It's darken outside and time for night-night.

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