Thursday, December 16, 2004

Novell Cool Solutions still rules

Wow, I just got another email from a reader of the Novell Cool Solutions articles. The little bit of fan mail that I get just keeps my ego (or is it eggo, which one do I put syrup on?) inflated just enough that it's difficult to get into my office. About 2 years ago, I was deep in the trenches trying to deploy Windows 2000 and Windows XP to about 1000 users.

As I am sure all tech people have found out, the tools get you most of the way there but forget to do enough so you can get home by 10pm. I decided to start my VB career (little did I know at the time) by writing some rather hack scripts to configure workstations post-imaging (using Novell ZENWorks) to a usable state, hands-off, after the basics were done. You can read all about it here. Man I wish that page had a hit counter, based on the email, this helped a lot of people.

I followed that one up with a little scripty that added a lot of good information about the system to the desktop background for technical people to know what was on the system at-a-glance. This was also published here.

Some days I miss being able to publish my work to the world but at least I can still drop hints and tips here.

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