Monday, December 27, 2004

Back in Business with MPx220 and Bluetooth

I finally broke down and re-purchased the MPx220 yesterday. I had returned the one I reported on earlier to Best Buy with no incidence. It pays to pack things perfectly back in their boxes. I am pleased to finally permanently own this great phone. I also wanted to try out the blue tooth adapter. Boy has that been miserable. The Actiontec support person had no clue and lots of research on the Internet shows that bluetooth PC interfaces appear to still be in their infancy and even XP only recently added native BT support to SP2.

I did get BT Activesync working about 50% of the time. I can't tell whether the phone is causing the problem or if it is my Actiontec adapter. Explorer.exe keeps crashing so I bet it's the adapter. When I do get a good connection going though, I can roam the whole house without losing it. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, BT operates on 2.4 Ghz, the same frequency as my wireless network, phone and wireless cameras not to mention the household microwave. With all of that interference, it is a miracle that it works at all. I have been on hold with Actiontec escalation support for 60 minutes now and I think I might give up on it for a bit. Now all I need is that MiniSD card so I can install some software on it, I installed 1 MP3 and now I have 5MB of memory left.

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