Sunday, December 12, 2004

Motorola MPx220 Continued

I have been using the phone for about 2 days now and still think it is a great piece of technology. I am in desperate need for a holster but I have found some good ones online. There is the standard type holster as well as a little more protective cyber case. I usually don't care for cases because the clamshell design keeps the phone protected with so much exposed screen and camera on the 220, I think I would rather accept the added bulk of a case to protect it. I will probably order one of these in the next few days.

On with the review, I tested out the voice command/recognition. Out of the box it runs great. In 10 contacts I tried, it didn't miss one. The coolness of this feature finally matches its usefulness. Not only can you dial the contact, you can also rattle off a phone number and it recognizes the numbers and dials. I verified the 2 key features that my wife wants, customized ring tones for specific contacts as well as photo-caller id. You can actually use the external screen for taking pictures. I was pleased to see this feature since the resolutions are a little bit different and being able to see what the picture will look like is a good benefit.

Best Buy is running a new rebate today and the phone is down to $199 with activation. I would still love to see it back to the $49.

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