Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Vonage Saga is Ending

The last straw today. I came back from my birthday lunch and went into my office to find my message light not blinking for the first time in several weeks. I thought this was odd as my Nortel Vista 350 (Qwest Home Receptionist) showed 4 new callers. I dialed into my voicemail and was informed that there were no new messages. I then checked my email and strangely, it said I had 2 new messages. I then logged into the web site and sure enough, I did. Dialed back in, nothing. Hmmm. So I called Vonage and after 35 minutes was told that the issue was known and had been reported but not updated on the web site yet. This is it folks, I can't take it anymore. I have officially decided that after 6 months of my voice mail indicator not turning off, choppy quality, long hold times, phone echo and every service outage imaginable as well as terrible customer service that I am done with Vonage.

I set Melissa's line back up with Qwest for $25/mo with a waived activation fee for returning from a competitor and decided I would give AT&T Callvantage a try for my business line. I do a lot of long distance so this would be a good cost savings. However, this time, at the first sign of crappy quality, I am leaving this VoIP ship and going back to a good ol' "TiVo-can-dial-up-I-can-send-faxes-works-when-internet-is-down" hardwired phone line. Also luckily for me, Vonage was so incompetent that they never transferred my service fully away from Qwest so porting was easy this time with my line. I look forward to receiving my MTA and calling Vonage and telling them to get lost in the next week. Stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes.

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